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28, 2003 · 3. Sai Jutsu-Chatan Yara no Sai kata and combat applications. Sai/Bo Kumite kata. 60 min. 4. Tonfa- is super kobudo videos reveals e spinning fury of e Tonfa. Includes Hamahiga no Tonfa kata and e Tonfa/Bo Kumite kata. 60 min. 5. Nunchaku-Deadly combat applications & lightning fast advanced techniques. Includes e nunchaku kata. 60 min. 6.4/5(2). -Sai kata Chatan Yara No. Sai Dai-Tonfa kata Chatan Yara No. tonfa- e Bo- e Sai- e tonfa- e Tan Bo- e nunchaku- e Jo- e Kama- e Yari- e Techu- e naginata- e key holder e Kata are executed several times at different speeds and explained. 21,  · Kata CHATAN YARA NO SAI - Demonstration at Okinawa World Karatedo Tournament 2009 - Duration: Chatan Yara No Tonfa - Duration: 1:54. Jason Gould, Artist of Life 5,448 views. Here are e main reasons we don’t (or shouldn’t) teach Chatan Yara and Hamahiga to kyu grades: First, because we learn different ings from each kata. ere must be a reason e katas were lined up at way in e first place, and here it is: From Seisan you learn sequence and flow. From Seiuchin you learn deep stances and brea ing. Feb 08, 2007 · e move can be executed wi tonfa. e move can be executed wi sword and shield. It can be executed wi double stick, double knife, knife and stick, etc. It is a posture at can be used in myriad ways. I'm a big fan of finding ese parallels. I choose to teach Tsukenshitahaku no sai because I can express Sanchin AND Seisan principles. Chatan Yara is a legendary figure in e Okinawan tial Arts legacy. He travelled to Fukien\China in order to learn Chinese Kempo and weaponry and stayed ere for 20 years. His teacher was Wong Chung-Yoh. He created e kata: Chatan Yara No Sai, Chatan Yara Sho No Tonfa, and Chatan Yara No Kon & are widely practiced today. Bo no Kata Shodan. USA. Brania. Bulgaria. Chatan Yara no Sai. USA. Cho un no Kon. Romania, Holland, ailand, Indonesia. Ed Parker Long Form 7 sticks. England. Ed Parker Long Form 8 knives. England. Ed Parker Stick Set. England. Ed Parker Stick Set 2. England. Ed Parker Knife Set. England. Ed Parker Knife Set 2. England. Ed Parker. His kata, 'Chatan Yara No Sai', Yara Sho No Tonfa and Chatan Yara No Kon are still widely practiced today. Most modern systems or styles of Karate can be traced back to e famous Satunuku (Kanga) Sakugawa (1733-1815) also called 'Tode' Sakugawa. Rod Sanford's Traditional tial Arts and Karate - Santa Cruz, Soquel, Capitola. Bo (6ft. staff), Jo (4ft. staff), Tanbo (single or double sticks less an 1 meter in leng), Eku (boat oar), Tonfa (baton wi side handle), Nunchaku (rice flail) Metal Sai (pronged daggers), Kama (sickles), Nagainata (6ft. staff wi curved blade on one end), Yari (spear), Techu (spinning spears connected by a ring worn on e middle finger). Yara was from Chatan Village, on Okinawa Island. ere is a popular Shito-Ryu kata named 'Chatanyara Kushanku', a variant of e popular 'Kushanku' family of katas. Biography. According to most accounts, Yara's parents sent him to China at e age of 12 under e advice of his uncle to study e Chinese language and e tial. e name Yara stems from an old runic symbol and e word jardar in e old Norse language of e Vikings. It means a good harvest — a good year. e image of e Viking ship at’s been a part of our logo for almost 0 years represents our heritage and our endless quest for knowledge. Chatan Yara no sai, e sai of Chatan Yara. Note in ese cases Chatan and Kyan are bo names of e places e persons named were from. ey were so well known for is at people no longer needed to say at Yara guy from Chatan or Chotoku from Kyan village so . Chatan Yara no sai: Mr. Yara from Chatan village was an expert in sai, bo and tonfa. Having had e governmental privilege of studying e fighting arts directly in China, he was also of e pechin class, and t many o er notable bushi (common term for riors) of Okinawa. Classical tial Arts Centre - Renge Dojo. tial Arts. Yaraguwa nu Tonfa 屋良小のトンファー(ヤラーグァーヌトンファー) is is a Tonfajutsu kobudō kata. 屋良小のトンファー = Yaraguwa no Tonfa. Yaraguwa’s Tonfa. 屋良 = Yaraguwa. e legendary master of Okinawa Dī, Chatan Yara was sometimes called Yaraguwa. . Sai Chatan-Yara No Sai. Toko Meni No Kun No Dai. Toko Meni No Kun No Dai 2. Bo Shi Shi No Kun No Dai. Bo Shi Shi No Kun No Dai 2. Urashi Bo. Urashi Bo 2. Tonfa. For additional ideas and concepts on Bo flow and technique, . For additional information. Find link is a tool written by Edd Betts.. searching for Tonfa 38 found (132 total) alternate case: tonfa Robert Paturel (282 words) exact match in snippet view article find links to article former policeman in elite groups, he was e first one to use e baton (or tonfa) in France.He devised his own me od which is still being t to French. Chatan Yara is t as e second Sai kata in e Isshin Ryu system, coming from Tatsuo Shimabuku’s Kobudo instruction wi Shinken Taira. e form focuses on e development of e sequential summation of movement , which is e scientific term for full-body whipping motion. is is exemplified by e emphasis on whipping strikes. Sai Chatan Yara Bo Set 2 Ki An No Sai Bo Set 3 Takiyoku Tonfa 1 Tai Chi Sword Takiyoku Tonfa 2 irteen Strikes ousand Sticks (Two sticks) under Meets Ear (Two men wi two sticks) Snow Leopard (Broadsword). Chatan Yara No Sai Kata. Shi Shi No Kun No Dai Kata. Additional Kata. No Buri No Jo Kata. tonfa tori Toshikai tzuki uchi uke uki uraken ushiro a waza yamae yudansha. secret teachings sparring (& e origin of e night-stick) partner performing technique . 27,  · Tokomeni no Kun Urashi-Bo Shi Shi no kun Kusanku Sai Chatan Yara no Sai at's it folks. ere are no more katas in e system. Of course I am talking about Tatsuo Shimabuko's Isshinryu Karate. As wi most styles, additions are made per school. For example, coming up e ranks, we were t Pion 1 and two, between e basics and Seisan kata. Tode Sakugawa Satunuku Sakugawa Kanga, aka Tode/Toudi or Karate Sakugawa (1733 - 1857 CE), was an Okinawan Karate Master in e 18 and 19 centuries who is best known as Bushi Sokon Matsumura's teacher, and creator of e Kusanku kata at is practiced in many of e styles at sprout from is lineage. He is also known. Included are seisan, seiunchin, naihanchi, wansu, chinto, kusanku, sunsu, sanchin, kusanku no sai, tokumine no kon, chatan yara no sai, shishi no kon, urashi no kon, hamhiga no tonfa, kumite and self defense. Plus a Bonus! Weapons Kumite! is unique DVD also presents e History of . Agena No Tonfa Shodan (Tonfa 1) Agena No Tonfa Nidan(Tonfa 2) Yara Tonfa No Tonfa (Tonfa 3) Ham Higa No Tonfa (Tonfa 4) Shi Ho Nuki / 4 ways (Staff 1) Choun No Kun (Staff 2) Shushi No Kun (Staff 3) Suyeoshi No Kun (Staf) Shimajiri No Kun (Staff 5) Kobo / Kubo / Ancient Bo (Staff 6) Tokomine No Kun (Staff 7) Sakagawa No Kun (Staff 8) 13 Jo. Buy e Traditional Japanese Okinawan Kobudo: Part 1 DVD at Karate t.com. is kubodo forms instructional DVD teaches a variety of Okinawan weapons forms. Check out our huge selection of instructional DVDs today! Kobudo Okinawan Weapons Matus Higa, Hama Higa, Chatan Yara Book Richard Kim 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Kobudo Okinawan Weapons Matus Higa, Hama Higa, Chatan Yara Book Richard Kim. Isshinryu Buki jutsu Kata. Hamahiga no tuifa. Buki Jutsu Sai. Bo e Bo is a six foot staff, sometimes tapered at ei er end. It was perhaps developed from e farming tool called a tenbin : a stick placed across e shoulders wi baskets or sacks hanging from ei er end. e Bo was also possibly used as a handle to rake or shovel. Nitan Bo – Combat Stick Fighting is super Kobudo video reveals e spinning fury of e Tonfa. Basics, grips, strikes, blocks, manipulations, Each tape 60 min. Sai Jutsu is action-packed video fully explains e Chatan Yara no Sai Kata, basic manipulations, Sai/Bo kumite and e use of e weapon. Itosu for building strong bodies for e Japanese military. No such ing happened wi e bo and sai. A few stalts maintained e traditions, however, and today e tial art world is filled wi Choun no Kon’s, Matsu Higa tonfa and at least five versions of Tsukenshitahaku no Sai and Chatan Yara no Sai. is includes Chatan Yara No Sai Sho, Tawada No Kon, Matsu Higa No Tongfa, and Sekiun No Tan Bo. If you're new to ese weapons, Traditional Japanese Okinawan Kobudo is e video for you. Wi easy to follow instruction and traditional forms, you'll be on your way to mastery in no time. 01, 1998 · Isshinryu karate is a combination of two o er karate styles - Goju-ryu and Shorin-ryu. Of e 8 empty hand kata in Isshinryu, 7 were adopted from ese two styles. ere is only one Isshinryu kata, which is a combination of basics and moves from e o er kata. For is intermediate volume, Volume 2, presenting a selection of basic techniques at were introduced in Volume. Bojutsu,Saijutsu,Tonfa and Tekko Jutsu.In Bojutsu,in e first volume, e punch was just a punch, but in is intermediate level, put e hip into it. In Saijutsu,From e initial Kokutsu Dachi Shuto no. Tonfa (Tuifa) e tuifa was developed from e handle of a rice grinder. It is similar to a police night stick and is often used in pairs. Tuifa training was developed to protect e forearm in blocking a katana or bo attack and was swung out wi e weapon at e opponent's head or ribs in counterattack. (2) sai - nakaima kenko no sai dai ni/chatan yara no sai t. harris +1 (3) eaku - shugoro no eaku/tsukensunakaki no eaku kline/callahan (4) nunte bo - takemyoshi no nunte bo estes +1 1200-1330chow 1330-1430(cascades) (all hands) okinawan history, culture,language 201 j. perry 1445-1545(1) tonfa - shugoro no tonfa/tuifa dai san d.perry/brown. Chatan Yara No Sai Interpreted by Michael Peterson, Shodan Note: start wi one sai in belt at left hip e o er in right hand Ki o tsuke Rei—right hand up in front (sai in vertical position) left hand up to right (center of chest), and switch sai to left hand Peace (double ridge . It was e only place I saw it and wasn’t part of e curriculum. ra er, it was a tool used by e late sensei of e sensei. It was basically a in bamboo stick of about 0.8 cm diameter, be 80- 0cm long. Sensei explained and showed me how it works. He even took it home, where he would use it in e living room, fastening it to e. e International Isshin-Ryu Karate Federation (IIKF) is dedicated to promoting e traditions, history, philosophy and techniques of Isshin Ryu karate as passed down from Founder Tatsuo Shimabuku and Grandmaster Angi Uezu. e company has established. Weapons include e sai, kama, tonfa, bo & nunchaku. IKKF ANNUAL TRAINING. Kobudo Okinawan Weapons Matus Higa, Hama Higa, Chatan Yara Book Richard Kim 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Kobudo Okinawan Weapons Matus Higa, Hama Higa, Chatan Yara Book Richard Kim. Weapons and Armor In Nioh 2. Okinawa WT 2009.

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