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19,  · Cross-game voice chat is not possible on e PlayStation 3 because of memory restrictions, Sony has revealed. e PS3's RAM is gobbled up by e games Au or: Wesley Yin-Poole. Cross-game voice chat is not possible on e PlayStation 3 because of memory restrictions, Sony has revealed. e PS3's RAM is gobbled up by e games it runs, which prevents e much-desired feature form being implemented, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer. 19,  · In a recent interview, president of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has stated at cross-game chat will never make its way to e PlayStation 3. According to Yoshida e console's RAM . 19,  · Sony Says Cross Game Chat on PS3 Not Possible e 1 unequivocally most-requested feature for e PlayStation 3 has been cross game chat. Before e PS3 ever hit store shelves, Sony used it. 19,  · For years, PlayStation 3 players have been begging for cross-game chat e ability for players to be in arate games and still talk to each o er using e PS3 console. 19,  · Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has explained why e oft-requested cross-game chat isn’t possible on PS3, Turns out, e main reason has some ing to . 20,  · Tutorial: How to (easiest way) connect your PS3 controller (Dualshock 3) on e XBox 360. - Duration: 2:56. GamepadProxy 122,819 views. 19,  · If you didn’t already know, cross-chat feature will never come to e ps3 because ps3 wont be able to run at feature if you want cross-chat, go buy e ps vita or wait for e ps4 peace.. Zup3rZon3x 19, at 5:14 pm PDT. e main problem wi is is if someone chooses to pay for cross game chat ey will only be able to chat wi eir o er friends who have PSN plus. It limits e feature for ose at have it. Hopefully at is not e case and PSN plus subscribers can initiate cross game chat wi . 16,  · Ever since e Xbox 360 introduced cross-game chat to its Xbox Live users, enabling em to party up wi and chat wi players in o er games, PlayStation 3 fans have wondered when Sony would implement such a feature on e PSN. As it turns out, e reason we’ve been waiting so long for is feature, is because e PS3 simply cannot do it. 25,  · Cross game chatting is not coming to e PS3 because of harde limitations. I do hear at cross game chatting is on e Vita. Clearly you have never owned or even used a PS3, as it has no cross-game chat. and judging by your friend, he doesn't even know he owns a PS3 at all. e only ing at made my 360 better an a PS3 was e party chat. level 2. 3 points. 6 years ago. I would love cross game chat on e PS3, e only people who say ey don't want it have never used it or have any idea what its all about. Comes in real handy for when you're playing BFBC2 and you're in a party wi more an 4 people since you can only have 4 people in a squad one of you is going to be left out from e squad voice chat. Helldivers is e best, at has ps3, ps4, and vita crossplay and crossbuy. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and BlazBlue: Central Fiction DC Universe Online - And its free, starts off pretty cool and I really like e character creation process, ultimately feels a bit dated. PlayStation 3 owners be getting a long-requested feature wi e console's next firme update: cross-game voice chat. While e feature has been rumoured to be in development for mon s, a post on e official PlayStation forums today have inadvertently confirmed its imminent release. ".Nhty Dog Dev". ReklissAbandon wrote in response to player requests for enemy. 25,  · KID EATING SHOES IN A PS3 CHAT ROOM! WTF?! - Duration: 6:31. asohl 3,509 views. 6:31. NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Trophies on e PS4 Sony Reveals Why PS3 Never Had Cross Game Voice Chat. 22,  · Not to Cross Game Chat PS3 FTW! jose213jose. e 23, at 3:26 pm PDT i brought my PS3 Slim to have fun meetting new people on e PSN by chatting wi em once only and playing e new video games i love so much is final fantasy, star ocean, GTA, even new games i never really like until now. And i am going to make youtube video. Apr 01, 2009 · Eric you really need a party chat/cross game chat because ere are a lot PO’ed PS3 owners. 3 years is a long time to catch up e XBOX live. I ink you guys really should work on what people REALLY want. E3 is a ways off. So make it happen. Does Microsoft have a patent on party chat/cross game chat? . 15, 20  · If e PlayStation 3 doesn’t have e technology to do cross-game chat just tell us straight! Why have PS3 users constantly harangue you for features at are impossible? Tell everyone it aint ever gonna happen and we can all move on! 27,  · Fortnite: Cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Epic Games' online survival game and creation-tool, Fortnite, went from a stalled . 08, 2009 · Basically on your ps3, you pause e game. Press e PS button and en chat wi a friend on your friends list who be in ANO ER game (explaining e cross-game chat part). en resume e game when your done from where ever you paused at. In some games if you don't pause, it will continue playing in e background. Here is a video of. Cross-game chat, an often requested feature for e PlayStation 3, is not possible due to harde limitations, according to Sony. e issue is in how e PS3 distributes RAM. When playing a game. Sony has come out and said at e PS3 can't handle cross game chat because e one flaw where e 360 has more power is e limited RAM e PS3 has. It just can't handle every ing and cross game chat, simple as at. 9 years ago. Scrumdidlyumptious. Follow 1679. Forum Posts. 4386. Wiki Points. 0. 19,  · So we'll just get Cross platform play wi PC/Mac, Cross chat and e occasional game on PS3 turning up on PC like Portal 2. I doubt Sony would let Valve use e Steam Store on e PS3 judging by how popular it. Calumon: If we steam a PS3 en it will be less heavy, and Digimon will stop getting stuck under it!:3. I'd kill for cross-game. Cross game voice chat, is is one feature at even Microsoft emselves will have to admit ey did not ink would be as popular as it. However because of e way at games use e ram of e Playstation 3 it is absolutely impossible for e Playstation 3 to offer cross game chat. To some gamers is really is not a huge issue, but. Currently 47 Playstation 3 games are supporting cross-platform play. On you get e full list of all Playstation 3 crossplay games available. 15,  · Best Ps3 Voice Chat Ever! 6 Hardest Easter Eggs of at Seemed IMPOSSIBLE - Duration: 13:46. gameranx Recommended for you. 13:46. Sony Reveals Why PS3 Never Had Cross Game Voice Chat. In a feature set at seems to make e PS3's online service look mediocre, Sony has revealed at e PS Vita will have a few features at fans have been begging for. Cross-game chat, e. 20, 2009 · Sony just relised a new update for e ps3! Sounds great right wrong. We asked for cross game chat ey give us Facebook!:(Come on sony we are nearly in 20. 13,  · Sony: Cross Game Chat Not Possible on PS3 Due to RAM Limitations, Now at is is addressed, wondering if people will stop asking now: Cross-game voice chat is not possible on e PlayStation 3 because of. Place e files you want to zip into a directory, which you can call whatever you want. is screensaver features more an 50 of his. According to e PS Blog e Vita allows users to have voice chat, even if playing different games:Party – Fancy a chat while you’re gaming? Speak wit. e feature is actually called Cross game Voice Chat so no e PS3 doesn't have it. Let's not be fanboys here people and make shit up because we want it to exist. I love my PS3 too. 06, 2008 · Cross-game chat would allow gamers to keep in touch wi friends playing different games. Email to PSN (and vice versa) – allow users to send a message to your PSN account using a email address and vice versa could help keeping it touch wi friends who don’t own a PS3. e games at use Cross Controller are apparently LittleBigPlanet 2 and UMvC3. If anyone has UMvC3 perhaps ey could check and see if Cross Controller works for it, seeing as at site claims it already works wi it. UMvC3 has it's own version of cross controller which is . 19,  · From e rumors I've seen e ps3 is getting google tv in e spring which will have cross game chat. Idk how true is, like I said is is just a rumor I saw 01-19-, 02:24 AM 27 Crunk. Sir, I'm too 1337. Crunk. Also, a cross game chat doesn't have to be server-side. You could use a peer-to-peer model and e person who started e. 29,  · PS4 Q&A Video Details Friends List Limit and Cross Game Chat Blair Inglis 29/07/13 23 It truly seems as ough online multiplayer will be e only feature behind e PlayStation Plus paywall. 11,  · Wi watching E3 all day I can VERY safely say at PS4 will be my next-gen console of choice unless microsoft changes e used game and online DRM. Wi at being said, one ing at worries me is e cross-game party chat. is is e feature I use e most on Xbox Live and I know PS3 doesn't have is, will e PS4? If yes, en any idea how many people can be in one chat party? 22,  · e cross-game chat has been a much-requested feature by gamers who lamented its absence on e PlayStation 3. e party chat function was . e last time cross-game chat and subscriptions were mentioned, it was in a Sony consumer survey. at survey already indicates at Sony is inking of charging for e feature, so is new rumor. 19, 2009 · Cross-game invites. We want voice chat in all games. we want Xbox Live on e PS3. Don't tell me at's impossible to do for free—Valve created . ,  · You get what I pay for. Won't doesn't give headsets because its impossible to chat on e ps3. I buy games for bo. But if I ever ink I why play online, 360 everytime. Every ing about it is better when it comes to online games. e chat quality is higher. Way way higher an ps3 chat quality. Cross game chat. In system game invite. Etc etc. 13, 2008 · Like cross in-game chat, cross in-game invite, voice/video mail, video store, and more support for current features such as custom soundtracks and trophies. is will of course eventually and gradually take place, and i bet all e bles at is will start off is fall. plus a little ings like LIFE wi playstation, e rumored music.

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